Increased Immunity + Balanced Energy || Lower Blood Pressure + Inflammation ||  Detoxify + Enliven

We offer cold-pressed juice cleanses for 1-5 days. 

THE_RESET, a full day meal replacement with 8 beverages a day ($55 per day) 

BALANCE_UP Level, a 5 juice cleanse designed to be paired with one plant based meal ($35 per day) 

add a smoothie or meal for $9 per

THE_METRO_DAILY, a 3 beverage plan designed to meet the recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies, across the phytonutrient spectrum.  Expect a feeling of vitality and a shift in your eating habits towards lifeful food. ($21 per day) 

To Order: Email Benjamin, stop by Metro Kitchen + Drinkery, or give us a call @ (916) 346-4610 with any further questions